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Guangzhou: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

People tend to bash the WTA post-US Open Asian swing as a breeding ground for tanking, vulturing and other such shenanigans. I am not one of those people.

The highlight of the Asian swing is the International level event in Guangzhou, taking place this week. They give their winner a hideous flower pot.

The tournament also has a history of quality officiating.

Nonetheless, I have found reason to validate Guangzhou’s existence as a WTA event. This reason is Google Translate.

The draw in 2011:

Anastasjia ‘Stuffed baby doll Steward’ Sevastova is my personal favorite.

In 2012, defending champion Chanelle ‘History of Paper/Skin’ Scheepers returns to Guangzhou, along with Petra ‘Seth high Fuka’ Cetkovska, Bojana ‘Jovan Nuosi Ji’ Jovanovski and Laura ‘Robben Sen’ Robson. (Maybe Wayne Rooney was onto something?)

Best event of the year.