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How To Be a WTA Player…According to Pseudo-WTA Players

Juan Ignacio Chela is one of the latest marginally irrelevant ATP players to take swipes at the WTA (I’m looking at you, Janko Tipsarevic). Chela took to his Twitter feed (@JuanIChela) yesterday, taking swipes at the WTA supposedly in the name of fun and jest.

1. Al terminar el partido saludar como miss mundo. -> When the match is over, wave at the crowd like Miss Universe.

2. A partir de 4tos de final entrar maquillada a la cancha. -> As soon as you reach the quarters, enter the court with makeup on.

3. Cuando entra el coach a la cancha y te habla mirar para el otro lado. -> When your coach arrives for on-court coaching, look in the other direction.

4. Mantener el grito al impactar por encima de 1500 decibelios. -> Keep the grunting above 1,500 decibels.

5. Darle la espalda a la cancha antes de sacar y acomodar la cuerda 20 segundos. -> Turn your back at the court before taking out your racquet then adjust the strings for 20 seconds.

6. Nunca entrenar con otra WTA player. -> Never practice with another WTA player.

7. Odiar a todas tus colegas. -> Hate your colleagues.

8. Fundamental colgar algun peluche en el raquetero. -> It’s fundamental to have some stuffed animal in your racquet bag.

9. Es clave generar 100 milimetros de lagrimas dia por medio. -> It’s paramount to produce an average of 100 millimeters of tears per day.

10. Que en alguna etapa de tu carrera te agarre un ataque de acne. -> That at any moment in your career, you get to face acne.

As if that wasn’t enough, after declaring Chela “his idol”, Feliciano Lopez (@feliciano_lopez) joined in.

1. @JuanIChela Que tu sparring te deje ganar o de lo contrario morritos durante una semana.. -> Your sparring partner lets you win or you pout for a week.
2. @JuanIChela Que tu madre te acompañe al 90 por ciento de los torneos.. -> Your mother is with you for 90% of tournaments.

I am the only one who finds the irony here? First off, these two probably spend more time in front of a mirror than half the WTA. The quotes aren’t funny, playing at typical feminine stereotypes. Gisela Dulko (@gidulko) Chela’s countrywoman, was quick to point out that while some elite WTA players behave in such a matter, there’s a difference between them and the rest of the WTA.


Well, I give them credit for one thing. Unlike most of the ATP, at least they watch women’s tennis.